The scrub that's better than Soap & Glory - Botanics Body Polish Review

Monday, 9 February 2015

My mum bought me this scrub a year or so ago, and after quickly using it up I didn't repurchase. Instead I gave some other body exfoliators a try. I used a couple of the Soap and Glory ones, along with a Sanctuary Spa one and a Body Shop one. After all this swapping and changing I decided to pick up the Botantics again remembering that I really rated it the first time around.

With hindsight, I have decided this Botanics Body Polish from Boots is my fave. It doesn't smell quite as nice as the Soap & Glory or Body Shop ones admittedly but it has a light scent that I find myself indifferent towards.

But, it does one hell of a job as an exfoliator. I find the grains in it perfect for a body scrub, they're the right size to give a high level of exfoliation without being too harsh, and it doesn't leave your skin super dry afterwards.

The thing I love the most about this though, especially when compared with Soap and Glory is that it seems to stick to the skin better when you apply it. You really have to work at it to massage it into the skin to get all areas covered, but that means the shower water doesn't immediately wash it away before you've had a chance to exfoliate properly, so you're not wasting half the product straight down the drain. Soap & Glory scrubs do have a similar effect, but definitely nowhere near as good.

As a cheaper alternative to Soap and Glory, this is seriously worth a try. It exfoliates just as well, and doesn't leave your skin craving body lotion. I also much prefer the squeezy tube this comes in rather than a pot. I find you're more likely to get the right amount out, plus I always end up accidentally filling anything in a pot full of shower water, so tubes are definitely preferable for me.

Have you tried this or anything else from the Botanics range?
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