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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I was blessed (not really) with quite smooth hair. What this really means is that my hair is quite fine, refuses to hold any style, and lies completely flat against my head, which I unfortunately find particularly unflattering for my face.

My hair is naturally a little wavy, though this it seems to be getting straighter with age (is that a thing?!), so I at least have that on my side sometimes in the constant battle against flat, lifeless hair. But I've recently found a combination of products that give me the volume and defined waves I covet so much...

The Products:

V05 tousled style spray
Charles Worthington texturising spray
Sikvikrin Firm-Hold Hairspray
Backcombing Brush

The Process: 

I find if I wash my hair in the morning, it dries quite wavy. However, waiting for that takes more time than I have, so I prefer to shower at night and sleep with it wet. Because of that, I normally have to add in a few extra waves with my GHD straighteners, or my Babyliss Waving Wand, both of which give natural-looking, lose waves, which I set in place with hairspray. I've been using this hairspray off an on for maybe about 4 years, and always go back to it, it's great for the price.

Next, I section off the very top layer of my hair and use the Charles Worthington spray at the roots to add volume. This stuff is great, it can feel a little sticky at times when you're rubbing it in, but it doesn't leave your hair feeling manky and gross like a lot of similar volumising products.

If I want extra, long lasting volume then I'll backcomb at this point too. Once that's all done, I'll let down the top section and gently run the backcombing brush over the top to help give things a smoother finish on top.

I finish with a quick spritz of hairpsray all over, and by spraying a couple squirts of the V05 product into my hands then scrunching my waves to help add hold and definition (the spray diffusion of this stuff is bloody awful, don't even bother trying to spray directly onto your hair).

Together, I find these products work an absolute treat, so they've quickly become my go-to products for when I want my hair to look its best!

What are your favouite hair styling products?
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