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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Nobody likes chapped lips, but as winter truly sets in like it has the past week here in the UK then chapped lips are sadly inevitable. Lip balms become even more necessary.

Here are my go to lip products for this time of year. Be warned, I prefer the more heavy duty products here, mediocre balms like Baby Lips or Nivea lip balms etc are absolutely out of the question come October, they don't last long enough or add any noticeable amount of hydration.

Carmex Original
I get the sqeueezy tube but this is also available in a pot if you prefer, but I find that just gets down my nails. As excellent a job as it does, the consistency of tube can be a bit too gloopy/runny sometimes. Especially if you've had it in your pocket.

Carmex Vanilla
My holy grail of lip balms. Hands down the best balm I've ever tried.
It's a bit thicker in consistency and leaves a decent layer on the lips to help sooth, moisturise and protect throughout the day. Plus vanilla! I do love vanilla. It really does work to get your lips back to normal.

Burt's Bees - Pomegranate
Although it's red in the bullet, there isn't any colour pay-off here so don't be fooled that this is a tinted lip balm. That said, it's thick enough to really add moisture, but not as heavy as carmex. So this is perfect if my lips are having a good day and I just need a little bit of help in this department.

Dr Organice Moroccan Argan Oil lip balm 
This packs a similar amount of punch as the Burts Bees, but it smells incredible, very almondy. If you're into your nutty/marzipan scents then you should probably give this a try. It's great on a day-to-day basis, not too heavy but thick enough to see you through the cold winter days.

What lip products are your go-to in Winter?

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