Combating dry winter skin #1 - the face

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Today I'm going to share with you my first post in a mini series I'm going to do on my current moisturising products. Basically an insight into which products I've turned to now the weather's got colder. We're not into the freezing cold temperatures and snow yet, but there's a definite chill in the air and my skin's kicking up a fuss.

A quick note on my skin so you'll be able to tell a little better whether these may work for you too. My skin is normally combination/oily but gets drier during the autumn and winter. I have an oily t-zone regardless of the time of year though. As I've got older, the frequency of blemishes has lessened but I still get a few but it's not something I consider a great deal when choosing and using face products.

Yes to carrots night cream
This was lighter than I thought it would be, but it's actually really nice and not greasy at all. It is keeping my dry skin at bay for now. It's fragrance free too, which is a plus in my books for face products.
UPDATE: I've since had massive problems with this moisturiser, after a couple days of it turning my face a bit red for a few minutes after use, it went full blown allergic reaction. It was very bad and very ugly. I made my boyfriend try this as he tends to err on the side of sensitive when it comes to skincare, and he too experienced redness. So if you are prone to reactions then maybe think twice before purchasing. 

No7 day cream for normal/combination skin
I've used this moisturiser a couple of times before and found it works really well with my skin. I was using it a night for the past few weeks as it's a bit heavier than the simple light moisturiser I was previously using during the day. (You can see my thoughts on that here). Now my skin's starting to get dry, I've swapped the Simple for this No7 moisturiser. It's quite thick but sinks into the skin quickly, providing a good level of moisture that lasts. It is one of my favourite moisturisers under makeup too.

Yes to grapefruit eye cream
This is supposed to reduce dark circles, and I think it does a bit, I'm still undecided about it (I shall get back to you on this one). I'm not a huge fan of the scent but it disappears quickly, as does the cream itself meaning you can apply makeup soon after without risking it all sliding around your face.

Clarins Hydraquench mask
I've used this for years now and I love it. Does exactly what it says on the tin, without making skin greasy.

Carmex vanilla
Another all-time fave. I find it much thicker and protecting than most lip balms which I generally feel are so thin I could apply them every couple of minutes to no avail. Although, I did recently receive a new lip balm which may be giving this a run for its money. Maybe more on that another day.

Which products do you reach for when the weather gets colder?

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