Combating winter skin #2 - The Body

Sunday, 9 November 2014

It's time for moisturising products post number two, and today it's all about the body. My previous installment was all about the face.

My arms and particularly my legs are starting to get a little sad thanks to the colder weather we've been having recently. They're desperately crying out for some TLC on a daily basis, which is pretty difficult for me as body lotion etc. is definitely the beauty step I skip most. But here's what I'm using on an every day basis when I can be bothered to try and keep my limbs looking all lovely and moisturised...

Vaseline Spray & Go
This is probably my most used of the three, because it's the lazy persons way to moisturise. Spray it on, quickly rub it in and voila! Good to go (as the name suggests). It definitely doesn't provide a high level of moisture. But, if you're like me and wouldn't bother otherwise then it's probably worth trying. A slight downside for me is that the spray can get a bit clogged up sometimes so it doesn't diffuse the product as well, but that's quickly fixed by wiping over the nozzle to remove any product that's dried up.

Boots Vanilla Body Butter
I'm a vanilla girl, no doubt about it. However, this one isn't too sweet at all, and almost a bit nutty, it's really quite lovely. It's a nice thick moisturiser, and will sit on the skin for a little while once applied so if you're after something a bit more heavy duty then this is your guy.

Sanctaury Spa Body Butter
This is kind of in between the two above in terms of thickness, it sinks into the skin much quicker than the Boots body butter, but not as fast as the Vaseline spray. It has the scent smell typical of all the other Sanctuary Spa products in orange packaging, which is quite fresh, so I prefer to use this in the mornings. It provides a good level of moisture and if I have the time (/can be bothered) I'd opt for this over the Vaseline. Although, I tend to go for the Boots body butter in the evening as I do love the scent, which seems more indulgent and nighttime-appropriate to me.

What are your favourite body moisturisers at the moment?
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