Ciate Haute House Review and Swatches

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The ciate houses are just the cutest things! Little tip if you're struggling for Christmas gift ideas, then the 2014 winter Candy Cane House version would make a great gift idea for any females in your life who love a good nail polish.

Red - Can Can
Blue - Knee Highs
Gold - For The Frill Of It
Green -Tickle My Fancy
Purple - Sass Pot

The polishes in the Haute House are 'rich ink' formulas. Basically, deep jewel tones with a hint of shimmer. The red, blue and green are very opaque and you can get away with one thicker layer if you're in a bit of a rush. The purple and gold however need two coats for sure.

The purple (Sass Pot) is strange. When I first applied one thin coat of this, it was streaky and didn't look remotely purple, it came out more of a grey colour. I shook the bottle thinking that might help the situation and applied it again, but it came out the same. Once it started to dry the colour seemed to become deeper and more opaque, and the purple shone through in bright light. It was actually pretty damn lovely. In lower lighting it still comes across a bluey/black colour, but I quite like that. I'm partial to a chameleon-like nail polish. So Sass Pot quickly became my favourite after initially thinking it was the dud of the collection. I removed the other colours from my nails and painted the rest of my nails with it.

Dry time was good. I never got around to putting on a top coat, which turned out to be a big mistake. It chipped within a day and considerably within two. I tend to find that's the case when I don't seal polish with a top coat, but I did expect a little more staying power from ciate.

That said, I do love the colours in this collection and the packaging it adorable too!

What do you think of ciate nail polish?
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  1. This looks such a beautiful little collection, I especially like Tickle My Fancy! xx

    Ioanna |

  2. These look so lovely - I may have to get Sass Pot!

    Hannah xx


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