Mini Boots Haul & First Impressions

Monday, 6 October 2014

I went into Boots a few days ago for toothpaste and somehow the above items ended up in my basket which was very naughty of me as I've initiated a spending ban now I'm a poor student and haven't bagged myself a part-time job yet. Spending ban starts now though, I promise... As this is probably the only non-essential (although I'm sure a lot of what I consider essentials are anything but) beauty haul I'll be doing for a while, I figured I may as well celebrate the moment with a blog post! For the full run-down of what I picked up and my first impressions keep scrolling on down.

Revlon Lip butter in Sugar Plum
Now, we all know these are good. The ones I currently own are my go-to every day lip colours as they're so hassle-free. You don't have to worry about it getting on your teeth or smudging or constant reapplication. This is no different; the colour is supposed to be a bit of a darker plum-y shade, but it is a bit on the sheer side. It's definitely a tad more dark-purple than the Berry Smoothie one I own, but it's also probably lacking in pigmentation compared. I like it anyway.

Revlon Colorstay Concealer - 02 Light
I'm still fighting a losing battle with my ever darkening eye circles. Oh woe. Hence, I picked this up to see if it would help. It's a decent formula, blends easily and isn't too cakey compared to a lot of other highstreet concealers which have a tendency to look very dry under my eyes and really sit in any creases. This is a little better in that respect then, but the coverage isn't as high as the Lasting Perfection for example.

Seventeen 3 Way Highlighter
I remain unsure with this one. I picked it up thinking it could replace my empty MAC Strobe Cream. It's almost there, it doesn't have any big chunks of glitter which I thought maybe it would so I'm very thankful of that. It gives a decent level of highlight as you can see, but it doesn't sit on the skin very well, it's fine underneath foundation, but it really moved your foundation around if you try to use it over the top. So for now, I'm still getting used to where this works well and I'm not quite convinced yet.

Essie Polishes - style cartel and the favourites to fall for duo - bahama mama & chinchilly
All look absolutely perfect for autumn/winter, especially as I've been after a decent dark blue for a while but I never really loved any of the specific colours I came across. I will hopefully be doing some more in-depth reviews/notd with these so keep your eyes peeled.

Sanctuary Salt Scrub
I couldn't quite justify the full-size of this, which is a shame because it comes in  the cutest mason-jar which would be great for storing bits and bobs in once you're done. I've always liked other Sanctuary products so I thought I'd give this a whirl one time when I wanted to try something different. It's fairly heavy duty therefore you'd only want to be using this once a week or so depending on your skin, but it did a very good job and smelt great. The only issue is it took me forever to open the sachet, I gave up and had to get in there with a pair of scissors in the end.

Have you tried any of these, or purchased anything worth shouting about recently?

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