Essie Favourites to Fall For Chinchilly & Bahama Mama

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Why chose when you can have both?

Both polishes are typical Essie quality; good formula, relatively quick drying, only two coats and it's completely opaque. They lasted well, I kept this polish on for 5 days and there had only been a small bit of wearing off at the edges. I love the colours themselves too and will definitely be wearing both of these a lot over Autumn/Winter.

I honestly couldn't pick between the two so decided to go half-and-half. I just did this freehand because I couldn't be bothered waiting for the Chinchilly to dry before taping off half of the nail to do the Bahama Mama side, but I can imagine the finish would be even better if you did tape half before adding the second polish.

What do you think of these colours?
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