Dry Shampoo Review - Dove Vs Batiste

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I present to you, my two favourite dry shampoos. Dove Refresh + Care dry shampoo, and the classic Batiste dry shampoo.

Now, we all have our days where we really need to freshen up our locks but we don't have time to wash and dry our hair -that's just life! On those days, I reach for batiste. I find batiste the best value for money for how good it is at fulfilling its primary role of being a dry shampoo, and making things look a whole lot cleaner. Obviously though, we all know it has its cons with its white powder which is especially risky on a dark brunette like myself (I'm yet to try the batiste for brunettes, are they any good?!). I tend to focus it underneath my top layer of hair though, and only apply a little on top and across my parting to make sure there's no white patches. It keeps hair looking fresh all day and I don't find it feels irritating or too powdery-feeling in the hair. It adds some volume, but not so much that I'd use it for that purpose.

But for days when it's not clean looking hair that's the main priority but a bit of volume or grip to the hair to help styles stay, Dove's my go-to. It doesn't have the white patches if you give it a really good shake first, and it smells great too which is a bonus. This stuff really is great at giving lift at the roots all day and making things a lot less flat (something I have a daily battle with). Don't get me wrong though, it does also help revive the hair, but not to the same level as batiste.

So, let's sum things up:

Best for volume and styling: Dove
Best for greasy hair: batiste

What dry shampoos do you use?

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  1. i totally rely on batiste every second day, it really is great:)

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter


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