Starting University #3 - Getting organised AKA getting stationery

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I adore stationery. Absolutely love it, can't get enough, especially if it's pretty. So having an excuse to buy it and actually use it is the cherry on top for me. I find it's always good to organise yourself and your workload. I tended to have two notebooks on the go for planning at uni; one for general day-to-day things which I would add assignment deadlines too as well as a little reminder, but then another with a more detailed breakdown of my uni work. I know at school and sixth form we had planners given to us, so if you're into planning out your time like that, or want to make an effort to be more organised, it may be worth investing in one.

I did a little stationery shopping in preparation of going back to uni, and you can see what I picked up below.

I want to really make I have time for my blog during my masters degree, so I've picked up the below project book to help plan my blog posts and to write down any ideas when I'm out and about and inspiration strikes. The cute weekly planner I think is going to be great as my more general to-do list, and I already have another little notepad I'm going to use to organise my uni work. So I've got all bases covered now - no excuses for not getting around to anything!

Plastic wallets - The Range
Weekly Planner - The Range (Paperchase have some really nice ones at the moment too)
Ryman's Paper ( It's probably a weird thing to admit, but this is my all time favourite paper, perfect thickness and line spacing, plus it rips out easily)
Pukka project pad - The Range
Tin - The range
Nellie Notes - Asos
Pens - Ryman
Highlighters - Paperchase

Cork boards, desk tidys, letters racks and ring binder folders for each of your modules will always be useful to get yourself organised too. In my last year of uni I also had a little whiteboard above my desk that I'd have a to-do list on which really helped me keep track of everything when the workload increased. I'm a bit of an organisation freak, can you tell?

Do you have any tips for keeping organised?
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  1. The highlighters and nellie notes are so cute! I really need a weekly planner like that too, think that will become essential during my third year

  2. I love your weekly planner, feel our house needs this!

  3. I love stationary! It is weird but I always look forward to getting new stationary at the start of the school year :) Great post,
    - C
    Claudine Converses

  4. Your weekly planner is a lovely find! You've picked up some really lovely stationery bits :)

    Ioanna |

  5. i love buying stationary, it's so fun to mix and match patterns

  6. I'm also a big stationary fan and always buy far too much when going back to uni...but of course everything is an essential ;)

    I love the weekly planner :)

    I've actually just done a post about my uni room so please do have a look!

    Emma x


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