Starting University #2 - Packing and a Homeware Haul

Thursday, 11 September 2014

I always found packing for uni a daunting task, however, when I actually knuckled down and did it I found it didn't take too long. If you're like me and struggling deciding where to start, just get stuck in. You can always unpack and re-pack a few bits if it doesn't seem like all your worldly possessions are going to fit in a few measly boxes and a suitcase.

Below are items I am certain will come in handy for student life, along with the usual essentials like pans, plates and cutlery etc. (But I'm guessing you've already realised you'll be needing those).
Let me know if you think I've missed anything off!

  • Door Stop - great for moving in, moving out and letting others know you are up for a bit of socialising.
  • Playing Cards - even if you aren't the drinking-games type, poor student life means sometimes you have to make your own fun.
  • A box of chocolates/sweets - always an excellent way to introduce yourself and break the ice!
  • Headphones - You may find there's noise you want to block out, or discover your flatmates are less than appreciative of your choice in tunes, so keep the peace and plug in those headphones.
  • Extra storage - boxes for under your bed, plastic drawers, desk tidys etc. as it's more than likely you will find you have a lack of space in your tiny single student room, especially you girls.
  • Anything to make your room feel like home - photos, posters, candles (although you may not be allowed candles in halls so consider a diffuser instead).
  • A lamp - most halls I know did not come with a lamp, or if they did it was just the one. If you're like me and you prefer to have one on your desk and another at the bedside you may need to bring one along.
  • Coat-hangers - Make sure you bring enough for all your clothes, I knew quite a few people who didn't, and they had to go out and buy more before they could hang up all their clothes.
  • USB Stick/External hard drive - For backing up your work. It will genuinely seem like the end of the world if you lose an assignment or god forbid, the dissertation you've been working on for months. Alternatively use online clouds (I used a combo of a USB Stick and Dropbox when I was at uni).
  • Paracetamol - Trust me, you'll need it.
As I'm moving away from home again soon, I decided to treat myself to a few new homeware bits and pieces. So here's a little homeware haul for you, which may be useful for you if you haven't gone uni shopping yet, or if you're just nosey and wondering who's selling what these days.

Bedding set - Tesco
Wooden calander - Tesco
Coat hanger - The Range
Pink Lemonade Flamingo Candle - Asos
Glass bowl - Ikea
Crockery set - Tesco  (available in other colours)
Pink glasses - Tesco (available in other colours)
Pie dish - Tesco

I pretty much bought most of my homeware and kitchenware from Tesco, with a few bits and pieces from The Range. I would really recommend you take a look at the Tesco Home section, as they seem to be outdoing themselves in this department. I mean, look at that dish, it's hands down the most adorable dish ever.

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  1. Amazing tips again! =)
    Thanks for your lovely comment!

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  2. Everything you bought is sooo lovely! Good luck with everything! <3

    Beatriz || Classy and Trendy

  3. great tips dear! and those wears are really, really cute!

    xx Janelle
    Styles & Prints

  4. great tips! this is making me miss my uni days! x

  5. Great post and such a fabulous homeware haul!

    The Belle Narrative

  6. A lovely post! Really like your wooden calendar and the bedding is beautiful. Hope these items help make your university room more homely :)

    Ioanna |

  7. I really like the pink and blue colour scheme you have going on :) It's so important to have a nice homely feel to your home from home!


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