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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Just what the internet needs, another beauty and lifestyle blogger!

Now, I know there's plenty of blogs out there but I am hopeful there's room for Rebecca Kate to squeeze her way into the blogosphere. In fact I'm positive we will all get along brilliantly. I already know we have a few things in common... raise you're hand if you own too much lipstick, or forever browse blogs and Asos online despite lacking funds for new purchases. See, like a house on fire.

My name is Rebecca and my favourite things in life are applying makeup and planning outfits ready to go out and live my life. Closely followed by getting home so I can put on pyjamas, take all said makeup off and cosy up with a share size bag of crisps. Oh the simple things. I am a History graduate and am currently working in a marketing related office role, but I am soon to reenter the academic world as a postgraduate student which I'm both super excited and nervous about.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I can't wait to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences with anyone who's nice enough to visit my little space on the internet. Please comment and get in touch and make sure you leave me links to all your wonderful blogs too!

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  1. This is the best introduction I think I have ever read, I think we'll get on just fine.

    Well done you for getting back to uni, it's the best place to be! What are you studying for your postgrad? I'm about to enter my third year of Politics and Economics at Nottingham :)

    Anyway, I love your blog and look forward to your next post. Hope you can check out mine too!


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